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The War Against Apple, Webflow Themes, Tyson Fury Comeback, #1 on ProductHunt and much more!

The War Against Apple, Webflow Themes, Tyson Fury Comeback, #1 on ProductHunt and much more!
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Following Basecamp's lead, Fortnite starts a war with Apple
👀 Fortnite gave it’s 350m registered users a novel offer for in-app purchases: they could buy in game currency for $9.99 through Apple, or buy the same amount directly from their website for $7.99. This is strictly against Apple’s rules. Apple requires developers to route payments for most digital goods through the App Store, giving Apple a 30% cut. Apple promptly removed Fortnite from the app store sticking with it’s strict no tolerance approach to off platform transactions. 
And then the fun started.
Within minutes, the publisher of the wildly popular Fortnite, Epic, launched a response on two fronts: legal and PR.
On the legal front, Epic produced a 65 page complaint laying out their argument that Apple is a monopoly and that its pricing is unjustified.
For the PR front, they produced a parody of Apple’s famous “1984” commercial. It has a little over 5m views as of writing this.
It will be hard for Epic to press their better prepared advantage. While they call Apple’s policies abusive and say that they stem from a monopoly, Epic gave users the same payment option on Android, and were promptly removed from the Google Play store too. It’s hard to say that Apple’s behavior is uniquely evil when it’s not unique. Although they could argue that Apple and Google are colluding and that they are both monopolies.
Their PR strategy won’t keep its momentum for long because Apple’s response doesn’t inconvenience current users. Apple removed the game from the App Store but existing users can still play it. So instead of millions of fans being absolutely irate that they can’t access their game and blasting Apple all over social media, Apple is merely inconveniencing future Fortnite fans.
Fortnite is valuable to Apple and Google, but Apple and Google are far more valuable to Epic. Apple and Google have been under fire for these exact complaints for years with nothing coming into effect so far. Over the next 2-3 years I suspect we’ll finally see if Fortnite, Basecamp and others can finally win the war against Apple.
UPDATE: on 01/01/2021 Apple reduces it’s App Store commission from 30% to 15%.
💡 Business Idea of the week
Create and sell Webflow themes.
Webflow is a new, better designed version of WordPress. Google search data shows people are searching for Webflow themes more than ever and is expected to significantly increase in the near future. I’m thinking about doing this as a fun side project to document and showcase to you guys. If you’re awesome at Webflow and want to join in let me know!
🍎 Health
A U.S. couple died hours apart just two days after losing their son. Chalk it up to coincidence but it definitely makes me wonder about purpose and the power of the mind playing such a pivotal role to our health. 
💰 Wealth
News broke late Friday that Warren Buffett, via Berkshire Hathaway, bought 20.9 million shares of Barrick Gold, a Toronto-based gold miner. This investment changed a long-held public stance which downplayed the value of gold. In the past Buffett has cautioned against investing in gold because it’s not productive like a farm or company. Keep in mind, that Buffett shares investment duties with deputies Todd Combs and Ted Weschler at Berkshire so this investment could have easily been made by one them. Fellow billionaires Ray Dalio and John Paulson also added to their positions.
❤️ Love
I recently finished reading ‘The Defining Decade: Why Your Twenties Matter - And How To Get The Most Of Them Now by Meg Jay. Inside there’s a 'Love’ section of the book which she highlights how much we’ve pushed back the age of marriage, and how late into our 20’s we’ve been continuing the hookup culture. A continuing theme from people Jay talks to in their 30’s is that they wish they had thought about serious relationships and marriage sooner. She then goes on to say that your significant others’ family is as important as they are. That living together can lead to “lock in” where it’s difficult to break up despite a bad relationship so you become complacent and don’t end it. And that traveling in a third world country is the best way to stress test a relationship. Why? Because you can’t escape each other, it’ll be a little stressful and you’ll have to do things besides go on dates and have sex.
Meg Jay’s advice:
  • Don’t be afraid to get into serious relationships sooner (after 25 the age of marriage doesn’t predict divorce)
  • If you can’t stand to be around your partner’s family it’s not going to be good for the relationship and is a serious consideration for whether or not you should continue.
  • Before moving in together, get clear on your commitment levels and stress test the relationship in other ways, such as travel, to make sure it’s what you want.
  • Make sure your personalities get along and don’t ignore the differences that might ruin the relationship. If you’re neurotic you have to learn to control it or you’ll ruin your relationships.
😊 Happiness
Tyson Fury’s story is one of the greatest stories you’ll ever come across. He went from on top of the world as multi-millionaire boxing heavyweight champ with a beautiful wife and kids, to three years out of the ring battling depression, addiction and suicidal thoughts, which culminated in him blowing up to over 400 lbs and nearly driving his Ferrari off a bridge at 190mph. He’s now on top of the world again as the WBC heavyweight champion of the world.
I highly recommend you check out his inspiring story. Warning: it’s highly motivating.
What I’m Reading
Company of One by Paul Jarvis 
What I’m Watching
Dave Asprey, the father of biohacking who says he’s going to live until 180, on Tom Bilyeu’s Health Theory
What I’m Thinking About
Moving to Vancouver and life in general. I was at a BBQ last weekend and my friends 62 year old grandfather had a stroke. I faced my own health issues earlier this year and was able to help before paramedics arrived. Life is so fragile. Enjoy it with your friends and family while everyone is still around.
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